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Bianca – years of school bus driving in Parkland County and Spruce Grove gave her the attitude it needs to stay focused on the road while a busload full of energy and excitement sits right behind her. As a mother of two – one in soccer, the other one in hockey -, she has done a fair share of shuttling kids around even after her school bus shift was over. Skiing, line dancing and yoga – that’s what she does. Oh … almost forgot: Bianca is married to our other driver:

Steve – who has eight years of semi-truck and mini-van driving in Canada and the US under his belt. He knows winter driving, night driving, uphill and downhill driving, driving automatic or stick shift, you name it. As for skiing, he learned that as an adult. Steve can do most of the slopes, but then maybe not all of them. Let’s say it’s a good thing he is your driver rather than your ski instructor.

Our brand-new 2018 Ford Transit, eco-friendly, comfy and ready for up to 14 passengers plus gear